Policy Regarding Number of Class Meetings for 2017-18 Fall/Spring Semesters

This is a reminder that our dance classes resume at the Macon studio the week of January 8.  This means that a total of 34 class offerings (note: our fall and spring major rehearsals are considered class offerings) are on the schedule for the 2017-18 Fall/Spring dance season.  Since we guarantee 32 class offerings each year, this means if all of these classes take place without any weather cancellations, students will receive two bonus class meetings.  The first two weather cancellations for any class, then, will not need to be made up; however, if there are more than 2 such weather cancellations, we will schedule makeup sessions for such classes.  The full spring schedule is now posted on our www.dancestudioofmacon.com web site and Dance Studio of Macon Facebook page.

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